"12amNoon" The Instrumental Side
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Andre LaFlora's Flavor in Gospel Jazz!!

"Since the beginning of my quest to write and produce music, I have aimed at searching the outter perimeters and reaching for new angles of music progression.  But you can never leave the listener too far behind or you will look over your shoulder and see you're walking alone."

This is the mentality of Andre LaFlora, the writer, producer, trumpeter, keyboardist, preacher....among various other adjectives.   He says,  "who wants just another one? Use YOUR peculiar skills to introduce YOUR sound.  Bring YOUR flavor to the world in whatever genre or occupation you're in.  Just make sure it Glorifies GOD and edifies people."

The 12amNoon Album

Trumpets are mentioned 115 times in the Bible.  Wonder if they sound anything like Andre LaFlora on his 12amNoon album.   From the opening screams of "Last Trump", the whistle melody of "Happy Anyway", the peaceful status "When I'm Right With U", brought on by the "Joy Wind" of Acts 2:2, to the freedom of being brought "Outta Egypt",  Andre LaFlora plays the Trumpet and every other instrument on this album with all the sincerity one would use if they were playing "B4 the Throne!!!"  Come join the "Twilight Worship."

...a Trumpet talking with me.  Revelation 4:1

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...the minstrel played

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