"Everyone Is Looking 4 U"...2020!!!
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Andre LaFlora's new Single

People are always searching for fulfilment,  contentment, satisfaction, true purpose and the meaning of life.  They look for more than a shallow thrill.  The only way to find these is through a "Spiritual Communion"  with Christ....where the Holy Spirit takes over your prayer session to the point that HE talks and you don't.  You leave these mentally satisfied and burdenless...and nothing on earth can give you this!!!  NOTHING!!     TRY IT!!!  It's free,  fulfilling, and the only side effect is a clear mind!!

"Everyone IS Looking 4 U!"...the new single, informs the listeners what, or who thay are really looking for.  True fulfilment doesn't come from thrills and adventures.  It comes from an internal love affair with Jesus!!  Yep! Yep!  Only Through Him can your "soul" be satisfied to the FULL!!  Dive In!!...Your search is over!!  This is better than winning the lottery!!  ENJOY THE JAM!!

Available Now.....

LISTEN:   On Soundcloud.com, Hearnow.com and YouTube.com under:      Andre LaFlora "Everyone Is Looking 4 U",  and on radioairplay.com!!!

BUY IT:    On Cdbaby.com !!!

EMAIL:     the1.revwho@gmail.com

T-Shirts available at:      https://my-store-11468495.creator-spring.com


T-Shirts available at:       https://my-store-11468495.creator-spring.com