"This Is Why I CAN!!!"....Makes you wanna GET UP and...!!
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The Motivational Jam for the New Year! 

The aim of this project is to compell you to get on up and do that GOOD THING!   When the personal pronoun "I" is used,  that means the person has settled in their own mind what they will do.     If you're on the treadmill, it will give you a pace.     Starting that new business?...it will encourage you to overcome all the inevitable obstacles and conclude "This Is Why I CAN!!!" 


"This Is Why I Can!!!" is available on CDBaby.com at   http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/andrelaflora2.  Check out the video on YouTube ..."This Is Why I CAN!!!"  Andre LaFlora & "Rev. WHO?".  Check out the jam on  Jango.com,  SoundCloud.com!!     Contact us at  12amnoon@gmail.com,  and Andre LaFlora on FaceBook!

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